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  • Larry T
    Larry T Any chance the website updates it's homepage soon?
    • Thu at 6:54 PM
  • Jimmy Sass
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    • Jimmy Sass
      Frank C welcome Jimmy !
      • 10 hours ago
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  • Ray Wright
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    • Mon at 7:49 PM
    • Ray Wright
      Frank C they look great.. how do they sound.. and what is the sound difference between the wood and metal rims?
      • Tue at 7:10 PM
    • Ray Wright
      Ray Wright Pretty much what one would expect. More natural, less metallic. Playing the snare with the rim sounds like a wood block. I've not been able to wail on them yet but hope to soon, They were made by Stellar Drums and fit perfectly. Top Quality,
      • Tue at 7:26 PM
  • retrodav retrodav
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  • Ray Wright
    Ray Wright Any of you here have any experience with wood rims. Ordered a set for my Renown kit and looking for any info or opinions good or bad. Thanks, Ray
    • August 24
    • Ray Wright
      Frank C i have never owned a drum with wood rims but i have played a few snares with wood rims and I really enjoyed them.. I found the rim shots and cross sticks fuller..'woodier' ..and not as sharp. Are you getting them for the toms too?
      • August 24
    • Ray Wright
      Ray Wright Yes, I got them for the toms also. Should be here tomorrow. I'll post pics as soon as I get them on.
      • August 24
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  • Herb Fete
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    • August 22