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  • jack green
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  • eKoi Cruz
    eKoi Cruz how does gretsch endorsement application works? ^^
    • 5 hours ago
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  • Jason Clarke
    Jason Clarke Hi everybody.  I've got a couple of questions about a used kit I just purchased.  The seller said that they are gold sparkle, but it looks more tangerine.  These are big rock drum sizes that correspond to the Black Hawk series in the 1964 catalog.  The drums don't have any badges, but the two mounted toms (8 x 12 and 9 x 13) have the orange and white sticker (full, not truncated) with five digit serial numbers.  The bass, (14 x 24), floor (16 x 16), and snare (5.5 x 14) don't have any badge or sticker.  All of the shells have the silver sealer interior, which, by the way, smells terrible.  ...  ...  more
    • 15 hours ago
    • Jason Clarke
      Ryan Pool Hi, Jason! I'd check with Steve Maxwell if I were you. If anyone knows Gretsch like the back of their hand it's Steve.
      • 5 hours ago
    • Jason Clarke
      Frank C Welcome to the Woodshed Jason.. They look like beautiful drums and they look like they are in good shape.Are there small holes in the shells where a round badge might have been tacked to the shell? Unfortunately, it appears that only a portion of your po...  more
      • 3 hours ago
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  • Broderick Baughan
    Broderick Baughan Finally arrived my new Gretsch custom built kit in Savannah Sunset Duco Finish with Gold  fittings It looks Great can,t wait to take it out on the road and start Gigging with it can't bet the proper Gretsch sound will put photos up soon Thanx Gretsch for ...  more
    • 16 hours ago
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