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3-ply maple/poplar/ribbon mahogany, Silver Sealer interiors


 Bass:  Maple with matching lacquer and Chrome inlay
 Snare:  Gretsch "301" single-flanged
 Toms:  Gretsch "301" single-flanged

 Bass:  Classic Chrome Die Cast Claw Hooks with Padding Chrome T-Rods
 Snare:  Mini-Claw Hooks
 Toms:  Mini-Claw Hooks

Chrome Telescoping Spurs

Classic GTS Mount

 Tom & Snare Batter: Gretsch Coated “135th” Permatone
 Tom Resonant: Gretsch clear “135th” Permatone

 Batter: White Coated Permatone PS3
 Resonant: Coated white w/ Broadkaster Logo


For those who want to mark the occasion by adding to their prized snare collection, we offer the Gretsch 135th snare drum. Each 5" × 14" 8-lug solid aluminum shell is hand engraved by master engraver Eric Sooy and assembled with 301 single flange hoops with mini-claw hooks, Lightning Throw-Off and snap-in key holder and custom REMO USA-made Permatone heads. A limited edition deluxe carrying case is included with the drum.

Production of these unique collector’s items will be limited to 135 units.